The Department of Indian Studies, University of Malaya brings out the eighth volume (issue 2) of Tamil Peraivu which is a half-yearly journal. Academicians around the globe contribute their articles to this journal. The present volume consists of fifteen research articles.


The first article by Prof.M.S. Lakshmi of Singapore explains the Salient features of love poems of Tamil Literature and also Japanese love poems. The article throws light on the relationship of the two. The second article is penned by Mr.S.Sivaramakrishnan titled “Tamil and Bhaskara Astrology” highlight the similarities between evolutions Tamil Language and Bhaskara Astrology.


The third article composed by Prof. Saravanan Veeramuthu and Prof Dr. Manomani Devi Annamalai illustrates the uniqueness of Malaysian Tamil writers in expressing and portraying feministic ideologies. “Feminism in Sarasu’s short stories” is the title of the article. The fourth article is penned by Prof. T.Sundarasu. This article is a comparative study of “ Ashtaadhyaayi-Tholkaapiyam-Al Kitab” forms of grammar by laying accent on the vowel-phonetics. The comparative study delineates various aspects of the three forms of grammar such as similarities, differences and uniqueness. The fifth article conceived by Prof. Dr. Krishanan Maniam elucidates the contribution of teaching and learning activities of Tamil literature in creating a social culture.


The sixth article by R.K Swati and Dr.J.Sriram portrays a comparative study between psychiatric disorders evidenced in “Manimekalai” and prevailing policies in contemporary Psychiatry. The seventh article by Dr.S.Manimaran analyses various Hindu Religious Movements in pre Independent Malaya.
“An irretrievable slave” in the eight article which is written by Ms.R.Seetha Lakshmi illustrates the fervent devotion depicted by the magnificent Four apostles of Hinduism and their unflinching devoutness and selflessness. While the nineth article by Mr.Shah Mohammad Azrin throws light on the fact that origin of Tamil Culture stems from “Natrinai’ literature.


The tenth article by Dr. Parameshwari Krishnan and Dr.Hinduja Jayaraman describes the Ordeal of Communist Violence against Indians in Selangor. The following article by Pa.Uma illustrates Sanskrit Similes by renowned Alangkara exponents Yaskar and Pamini. The twelfth article by Sangar Munisamy elicits the emphasis laid by Naladiyar on the benefits of living lives that are eco-friendly.


The thirteenth article by T.Megarajah presents Poet Barathi’s influence on the growth of modern Tamil Poetry .The subsequent article by Dr.Manimaran and Mr.G.Sivapalan elicits how Agamic temples benefit devotees by acting as “Medical centers”. The final article by Dr.Sillalee S.Kandasamy and Prof Dr.M.Rajantheran describes the aspects of Festivals and Religious Practices of Melaka Chetties among Malaysian Tamils.


Tamil Peraivu in its sustaining effort records the innovative ideas of contributing researchers. The Editorial Board feels immense pleasure in bringing out this eighth volume (Issue 2), expressing hearty thanks to all the contributors and evaluators of this volume. Last but not least, we would like to thank Mr.MGL.Velayutham – Alma Herbal Nature Pvt. Ltd for his sincere generosity in sponsoring this journal.


Professor Dr.M.Rajantheran
Chief Editor